ISO 22000 Certification (Food Safety Management)

ISO 22000 Certification (Food Safety Management)

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Certification standard: ISO 22000 (Food Safety Management)

ISO’s food safety management standards enable organizations to audit and certify that they have a food safety management system in place. ISO 22000 certification helps companies to identify and control food safety hazards, and provide reassurance to customers that the products meet international standards of food safety.

Getting ISO certified during Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has significant cost saving benefits due to partial or completely remote audit. Grab this opportunity!
Benefits of ISO Certification

1. Assurance that products & services meet global standards

2. Easy way to gain international recognition for a new company

3. Valid for government tenders anywhere in the world

4. Helps review management processes

5. Increase brand value, customer confidence

6. Benchmark for implementing new systems

7. Achieve consistency in efforts and actions

8. Reduces errors, brings in transparency

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